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Here’s what some of our Tomball, TX customers are saying about us:

Just thought I had blew my transmission. Decided to price things out and found them to be most reasonable. Had my truck towed there and from what I told him on the phone he thought the same thing. Well after further examination they found that there was an oil leak from the filter. They were really honest and didn't try to find something just to charge me. I will bring my truck here for service the next time I need it.

Chris R. Yelp Review

What a great experience! Coming home from the deer lease this week-end, my Chevy 2500 diesel w/ Allison transmission starting making a high-pitched noise. I didn't know any transmission folks, but knew I didn't want just anyone working on my truck, so off to the internet I went. I found Certified Transmissions, read the reviews, and thought it was worth a call. I called and talked to Charlie, who asked the right questions, so right away I knew I was talking to a real mechanic. So I took my truck in, and Charlie listened to the truck, and before he even drove it, told me it wasn't the transmission, it was the power steering pump. Same kind of whine, but a much cheaper problem. He fixed it in less than a day, was very reasonable in price and got me back on the road. Although I didn't know it at the time, they do all kinds of auto repair, so I have found my new mechanic. I swear, it felt like throw-back to when you could trust your mechanic to treat you right. Thank you, Charlie! We will be back.

James Murray Google Review

I have had the check engine light on my car since I bought it 5 years ago. The code given was for a shift solenoid. Every time I took my car into a shop for an estimate they all gave me one for a rebuilt transmission and told me that was the only thing they can do to fix the problem although my car ran fine...??? I took it to Certified and right away they told me it sounded like the switch or maybe electrical. NOT a rebuilt transmission. They repaired the switch and also had to put in an ecu (computer) it got stuck in limp mode while I was in route to their shop.Certified let me locate one and they installed it for me at no charge. I highly recomended Certified Transmission. They are friendly, HONEST, reasonable and just flat out good guys. I will always take my cars in to them.

Reynold Perez Google Review

Charlie and the Certified Transmissions Team are AWESOME! I have a 95 C4 Corvette with a 6-speed manual in it. Lately it has been very hard to shift into gears. Naturally, I knew something was wrong and needed to call someone. STORY TIME: I called AAMCO on Kuykendahl because they were the closest. BAD IDEA. They listened to what I had to say, and then told me they would need to drop the transmission because it was an internal problem. I told them I would think it over (I wanted a second opinion). For my second opinion, I called Charlie at Certified Transmissions and explained the situation, and he told me to come right over. After listening to me, and doing some research online for a few minutes, Charlie had me pop the hood. It turns out my clutch fluid was drained. Charlie added some fluid to the reservoir, and I pumped the clutch a few times. (The reservoir was under the ECM, and I didn't even know it was there). The car drives like a dream now! No more hard shifts! If I ever have another problem with one of my vehicles, I will be taking it back there. Thank you to Charlie for his professionalism and customer care. I only wish there was an option to give them 6 stars instead of 5! Don't waste your time with any other shop -- Go to Certified Transmissions!

Mark L Google Review

I took my 1997 dodge with NV4500 manual transmission into Certified when it would not go into gear. Charlie was easy to work with and he showed me all the parts that had gone bad and recommended the necessary repairs. They fixed what needed to be fixed and were honest. This is extremely hard to find. The price was great, the work even better. My truck shifts awesome and it is better than new!

Tumbling SixtySix Google Review

2000 F250 7.3 diesel (140 HP chip) trans rebuild. I looked around for about a month trying to find a good/trustworthy transmission shop to rebuild my tranny. I found prices ranging from $2500-$4000. Most gave the 12mnth 12k mile warranty. I use my truck alot and cant afford to have it break down on me while pulling a trailer out of town even with a warranty so it was a difficult choice to make and i have heard horror stories of other trans shops around town except for this one. I was re-assured after asking my cusin who owns a Construction Co and has used Certified for all of his tranny repairs and has had no issues at all and pulls bull dozers and heavy equipment daily. Great price, Great workmanship, fixed oil leaks while tranny was out AND STUCK TO THE PRICE GIVEN!!!, truck didnt smell like grease when i picked it up, worked with me on late nite drop off of vehicle, showed me all destroyed parts, explained exactly what was done to the tranny and what i did that destroyed it LOL. YOU DONT WANT THE CHEAPEST SHOP AROUND!!!! Ive been down that road and you will regret it, I DO!!.. I have found a great mechanic shop and as long as they are around mine and my familys vehicles will only be fixed here. GREAT JOB YA'LL!!! VERY HAPPY WITH THE ENTIRE EXSPEREANCE!! My truck is back at your shop now getting more upgrades, thanks.

Daniel Andre Google Review

Very honest people. Very knowledgable. I recommend them with five stars.

Daniel K Google Review

highly recommend Certified Transmission. My truck had 170000 miles on it and I could have been told anything. The honesty of this business fixed my vehicle for much less than other competitors i had taken the truck to and had me on the road in 3 days. Their friendly attitude was fantastic.

Robert Gryder Google Review

I had my transmission done for my Cadillac CTS-V almost a year ago. These guys are honest and super friendly and took really good care of me. They are also really familiar with high performance cars. I really recommend them.

Adrian Little Google Review

These guys are very honest. I have using them for 10 years

A Google User Google Review

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